Childish Gambino had a bit of an awkward misunderstanding with fans in Newcastle, Australia earlier this week, as he was booed off stage when he performed a DJ Set rather than a rap show, as the ticketholders were expecting. The ball seems to have been dropped by someone on the promotional side of things, but despite not being at fault, Gambino has decided to make it up to fans by inviting them to another show in Sydney where they’ll get the full CG experience.

“Regardless of whose error in communication that was, Gambino’s team takes it very seriously when fans are disappointed,” a source told Entertainment Weekly, suggesting that an email was sent out to fans in attendance at the Newcastle gig, giving them a chance to catch Gambino at the Listen Out Festival this weekend.

It’s a pretty nice gesture, that should be appreciated by fans, who we’re sure were very excited to see Gambino perform live.