Akon Believes Canada Is Dominating Hip Hop: “Don’t Get It Twisted”

The Konvict Muzik founder also praised Atlanta for its influence on the culture.

BYLamar Banks
Akon Believes Canada Is Dominating Hip Hop: “Don’t Get It Twisted”

Akon is not one to hold back his thoughts and options on the state of hip hop. The chart-topping star and business man has taken some time away from the music scene to build his personal and global success — but that hasn’t stopped him from keeping a finger on the pulse of the culture. 

Over the weekend, the Konvict Muzik label owner shared his thoughts on hip hop’s current status, claiming that the South is no longer running the game. “Atlanta’s been a driving force to hip hop for sure, but the dominators in hip hop is Canada,” he shared on the “Big Homies House” podcast. “They dominating the music business. Okay, they got Drake, Tory Lanez, you got The Weeknd, you got Justin Bieber.” 

Akon Brock Pierce

Despite his conviction, Akon says Atlanta still leading the culture when it comes to influxnce. “Now mind you, I’m thinking from a business standpoint. I’m not talking about influence. Influence, Atlanta hands down ‘cause everything that those guys in Canada is was birthed from here in Atlanta. Don’t get it twisted. Atlanta changed the game when it comes to urban music”

The “Smack That” star continued on singing ATL’s praises, adding that the black mecca city  “brought color” to the music game. “When Lil Jon came with the 808, then JD came and opened it commercially. Like bro, Atlanta changed the face of music and created a different spectrum of how people looked at hip hop.” 

“Before it was New York and then Cali, but when Atlanta came, Atlanta brought culture. They brought color, they brought style, they brought fashion, and they brought influence.”  

Elsewhere during the interview, Akon and the podcast host spoke about monogamy and whether or not the concept has stood the test of time. Check it out below. 

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