Kevin Gates “Super General” Freestyle: A Lyric Break Down

We break down the many references littered across Kevin Gates’s controversial “Super General” freestyle.

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Kevin Gates “Super General” Freestyle: A Lyric Break Down

It seems like Kevin Gates has effectively stirred the pot ahead of his third studio album, Khaza. On Thursday, Kevin Gates delivered a new freestyle over Kodak Black's "Super Gremlin" and he didn't hold his tongue.

Following his rumored romance with Jojo Zarur, Gates seemingly confirmed his single status and addresses his split from Dreka Gates. The newfound bachelor also uses the record as the opportunity to shoot his shot at a list of high-profile celebrities, including Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj.

"Super General" is likely the contextual precursor that we needed before the release of Khaza. Though much of the record was catered towards spurring salacious headlines, Gates does acknowledge a few missteps that he's experienced in the music industry, such as his falling out with Moneybagg Yo and the release of I'm Him. The record also includes references to Nipsey Hussle, Kodak Black, Yung Mazi, his children, Jay-Z, Kenneth Petty, Boo Dirty, and more.

Below, we've broken down the most significant references in Kevin Gates' "Super General" freestyle. 

I'm Him 

During Meek Mill's incarceration, Boosie predicted that he'd come home from jail even more prosperous than before. However, that isn't always the case for rappers. Kevin Gates slowly integrated into the music industry after his release from prison in 2018. A handful of mixtapes and a few EPs finally led to the release of Kevin Gates' sophomore album, I'm Him, which was meant to be a blockbuster release.

On "Super General," the rapper reflected on the release of his sophomore album, describing it as a "flop." 

"You're knowin' the I'm Him album flopped, deep down inside got major resentment
Treated unfair when I went to prison, but I'm prepared to speak on the issue."

If we're going by the numbers, then Gates's sophomore release did not reach the same level of commercial success as his debut album. Islah moved 112K in its first week for Gates, marking his first #1 album. I'm Him debuted at #4 with 72K in its first week. While the streets missed Gates during his absence, it's pretty evident that he lost momentum ahead of the release of I'm Him.

Dreka Gates

If there's one narrative that followed Kevin during his prison stint, it's that he had a real one holding him down. Kevin and Dreka Gates got married in 2015 and became relationship goals in the process. Unfortunately, things appeared to have been shaky in their relationship, unbeknownst to the general public, at least lately. Kevin was spotted trying to shoot his shot at Summer Walker in the club a few weeks ago. Then, rumors began swirling that he and Love & Hip-Hop Miami star Jojo Zarur were romantically linked.

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Gates seemingly confirmed that he and Dreka have split up on his latest effort, but the story seems to be a bit deeper than simply falling out of love. On the record, Gates speaks about the issues within their relationship, including insecurities about his weight and an alleged affair she had with a personal trainer. 

Shit on my name gave me a blemish, her mother done turned my lil' ones against me
Bought her a truck when I was away and can't explain the way I'm feelin'
Her and her son jumped my new wife and took her purse and won't admit it
Personal trainer invaded my personal place, deep down inside it killed me
Her and this n***a that's scheme me on some cake deep down inside to kill me
Criticize when I was fat, I developed some insecurities
Got on that Adderall, in the gym three times a day, how I got skinny
Got on that alcohol, it kinda help me block out all my symptoms

He also mentions the release of "Dreka” in 2020, a song he claims is a facade.

"Poured my heart out, I may fly again, you hurt me, I'm out the picture
Stressin' 'bout me during yo' pregnancy, your baby now resemble me
Went home to sleep, deep down, there's tension when you knowin' that somethin' missin'
Suck it up, put all my energy back in Islah and lil' Killa
Took the blame in interviews and made it look like I was trippin'
Made the "Dreka" song, lied to the world while tryna protect her image
Tell me you love me, I say it back, back in my mind, I'm indifferent
Brought this infiltrator to the farm, hurt my heart, what am I missin'?"

Moneybagg Yo 

Moneybagg Yo transformed into a powerhouse in the South. From the Federal and Heartless series, he propped himself up as a prominent voice of the streets. For Bagg, one of the earliest co-signs outside of Memphis came from Kevin Gates, leading to several collaborations like “Federal Pressure” and “Fall Down.” However, we haven’t heard much from them since. 

Moneybagg Yo -Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Gates tackles the issue head-on during his latest freestyle and addresses the reason for their fallout. He adds that he still loves to see Bagg's come up, despite their differences. 

"Brother lied to Moneybagg Yo, that's still my brother, but we just distant
Always love when he be shinin', remind me of Mazi when he glistenin'"

Rubi Rose, Nicki Minaj & Beyoncé

Now that Kevin Gates established that he's single, there's no shame in his game. Whether he's seriously looking to shoot his shot or attempting to stir up conversation, Gates didn't hold back in detailing his fantasies of Rubi Rose, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé. The latter two are faithfully married, but that didn't prevent Kevin Gates from addressing their husbands.

Rubi Rose - Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images 

"Rubi Rose, I can't wait to have your feet facing my ceilin'
With my tongue deep in yo' ass while I kiss all on yo' kitty
Put that dick deep in yo' back and make you cum all on this missile
Put yo' hands behind yo' back and smack yo' ass, I'm in yo' kidneys
Ain't no disrespect to Jigga, met through Nipsey, that's my n***a
Don't know if they into swingin', Beyoncé need to let me hit her
Make her piss all on this dick, respectfully, her body shiver
I want Nicki, she need Kevin, she still playin' around with Kenneth
Only one to shout me out was Ben 10 and Fredrick Givens."

No word from Beyoncé, Nicki, or their spouses on Kevin Gates' viral comments, but Rubi Rose did acknowledge the song on Twitter, writing, "Kevin gates freaky as hell lol."

Renni Rucci & Brittany Renner

Kevin Gates frequently champions up-and-coming artists, and it was clear that he saw something special in Renni Rucci. During our 2021 interview with the Rise & Grind artist, she explained that Gates had been one of the most supportive people in her corner who frequently provided her with knowledge and game on maneuvering through the music industry– and seemingly, more.

Renni Rucci - Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The music video for their collaborative effort, "Boat To Virginia," was among the moments that sparked rumors of Kevin and Dreka's split, and on the "Super General" freestyle Gates  suggests that the rumors could be valid:

"Takin' vids of all yo' cars and lettin' it go to postin' pictures
Told 'em that I don't wanna interfere with her fitness, bitch, I'm different
I'm romantically involved in Virginia, me and Renni."

In the freestyle, Gates also seemingly admits that he and Brittany Renner had a fling. While rumors floated around that he rejected her, that might not have entirely been the case.

"Cold-hearted, Woodland Hills, stuffin' that dick in Bundle Of Brittany
We had a real infatuation for one another, but no commitment"

Young Dolph

Fans and friends of Young Dolph continue to mourn the loss of the rapper. He passed away in November after being fatally shot in his hometown of Memphis. The Paper Route Empire clique keeps Dolph's name alive through their music, but Gates professes the utmost respect he has for the late Memphis legend. On "Super General," he captures the spirit of Dolph, claiming that he's being used as a vessel to carry on the "Preach" rapper's message.

"Told 'em, ‘Dolph ain't never dead, I'm in the booth, he right here with me.’"

This bar is the second time Kevin's paid homage to Dolph on wax. Shortly after Dolph's passing, Gates delivered a freestyle over "Talking To My Scale." 

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