He has been a staunch supporter of Colin Kaepernick and J. Cole is ready to see the former NFL star return to the league. The world famously watched on as Kaepernick’s “Take a Knee” protest cost him his placement in the NFL, and although he has maintained that he is in tip-top shape to return to professional football, teams still haven’t taken the bait.

Recently, Kaepernick returned to show that he’s ready, and there have been rumors that he may be back on the field. As his supporters have their fingers crossed, J. Cole took to Twitter to argue down why Kaepernick has earned his fair shot at a another chance.

“Hello @PeteCarroll @Seahawks @Raiders @Panthers @Buccaneers @TomBrady,” the rapper captioned in a retweet where Kaepernick’s return was discussed. Someone told Cole that Kaepernick has no more football left in him, and the Dreamville hitmaker disagreed.

“Respectfully lil bro, how could you know what he has in him and what he doesn’t?” he said. “And, respectfully, you’re 100% right about throwing against the wind and to ghost db’s. But always remember, he’s been doing that every day for 5 years, when the entire world was saying he had zero shot of ever playing again.”

“Have you ever wanted something that bad? love!” Cole ended. Check out the tweets below and let us know if you think Kaepernick deserves another chance.

J. Cole Defends Colin Kaepernick's Right To Return To The NFL