Cardi B Reacts To Praise From Project Pat

First, it was Penn Badgley. Now, it's Project Pat.

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While Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fans continue to try to manufacture beef between the two New York City icons, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper has been completely unfazed. And despite her ongoing legal battle resulting from an alleged club assault a couple of years ago, Cardi has kept it pushing, and has recently promoted a ton of positivity.

Beginning with her hilarious back-and-forth with You star Penn Badgley, which resulted in both Cardi and Badgley changing their Twitter avatars to photos of each other, and fanning out over Robert Pattinson, the Halle Berry-appointed "queen of hip hop" has been showing love everywhere, and after Memphis legend Project Pat had some kind things to say, Cardi couldn't help but show her appreciation.

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In a recent interview with VladTV, Project Pat was asked about Cardi sampling his song "Chickenhead" on her song "Bickenhead." Pat said that he knew about the sample, and that he loved what Cardi B was doing with her music. 

"It was a real good thing, a real good look. Shout out to her, man," Project Pat began. "I was a Cardi B fan when she was on Instagram talking crazy ... I was loving that, we love that." 

Catching wind of Pat's praise for her and "Bickenhead," Cardi took to Twitter to express her gratitude. In a quote tweet featuring a clip of Project Pat's VladTV interview, Cardi wrote, "OMMGGGG IM IN AWWWWWW Thank you sooo much @ProjectPatHcp." 

It's not every day that contemporary artists get genuine shoutouts from hip hop legends, and it's clear Cardi realized how special respect from Project Pat is. And with Pat's acknowledgement that he's making money off "Bickenhead," and racked up nearly 20,000 extra Instagram followers because of the song, it makes sense why he went out of his way to tip his cap to Cardi B.

What do you think of Project Pat and Cardi B showing love for each other? Let us know down in the comments. 


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