It is a brand new season for Iggy Azalea as she concludes this portion of her music career. The Australian Rap star has had quite the controversial run as she’s tackled accusations of cultural appropriation, controversial “slave master” lyrics, social media meltdowns regarding her ex Playboi Carti, a break-in at her home back in 2019, and fending off trolls who have attacked her young son, Onyx.

On Friday (August 13), Iggy released End of An Era, an album that the rapper says will be her last for some time as she recently revealed she planned on focusing her energy on other creative endeavors. In an Instagram post just hours ago, Iggy spoke about her latest release while delivering a message to her ride or die fans.

Iggy Azalea Pauses Music Career With "End Of An Era" & Thanks Fans
Ian Gavan / Staff / Getty Images

“Today really is the end of an era for me… but also the start of new and exciting things in my life!!! I feel so happy with this project,” she said. “It really embodies me as an artist perfectly. I’ve had the best day reading all the fans of this project relate and see themselves in parts of who iam. Thanks to everyone who’s on this ride with me still.”

“I knowwwww I’m an asshole at times, but I do genuinely appreciate the support and love more than the tough protective armor I wear may allow me to fully express,” Iggy continued. She has spent the better part of 24 hours retweeting fans while also calling out trolls who continue to give her grief. 

Check out her IG post below.