6ix9ine Calls Out Bobby Shmurda Before Dissing Lil Durk, King Von, & More

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6ix9ine Bobby Shmurda
6ix9ine stays looking for smoke in the comments section.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has stayed on the down-low for much of the last year, attempting to make a comeback with his TattleTales album, which failed to create much attention. In an attempt to keep his name relevant, 6ix9ine has resorted to social media comments to stay in the conversation, often getting disrespectful with his most-targeted rivals. In recent months, the rainbow-haired troll has taken aim at Lil Durk and his entourage, getting straight up vile with rude comments about the late King Von, as well as Durk's older brother OTF DThang, who passed away from a gunshot wound a few weeks ago. Last night, Tekashi reappeared to come after New York rapper Bobby Shmurda for allegedly signing to Roc Nation.

Posting a video of himself leaving the Roc Nation offices, Bobby Shmurda seemed to hint that he was officially a member of JAY-Z's illustrious label. Not everyone was pleased to see him at the Roc though-- specifically, 6ix9ine took issue with him signing to the label after Bobby took such a serious stand against snitching

"They hate ratting and cooperating with police but SIGN to roc nation (Who's CEO is a cooperating federal informant for the DEA) but pick and choose," wrote 6ix9ine in the comments of DJ Akademiks' post. 

6ix9ine is referring to Desiree Perez, one of Roc Nation's five founders who was appointed CEO in 2019. Perez received a Presidential pardon from Donald Trump last year, but it's worth noting that she never allegedly cooperated with the DEA. Perez reportedly cooperated with the U.S. Attorney's Office following drug, firearm, and grand larceny charges. The firearm charged was ultimately dropped. 6ix9ine has taken serious issue with Roc Nation in recent years because of Desiree Perez' appointment as the CEO.

He added more commentary in a further post, writing:

"People hate it because it comes from me. But it’s cool I’m still untouched it’s been a year since I been home I’ve done shows I been in night clubs I done everything people told me I couldn’t do. So they hate me because I proved the world wrong. I would hate me too. By the way quando untouched too and lil Tim and I remember them saying he lucky he in jail [three laughing emojis.] Fuk Von and we smoking Dthang now."


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