We're approaching eight months since King Von was gunned down outside of a hookah bar in Atlanta. As his loved ones continue to mourn his loss and wave the banner of his legacy, Quando Rondo remains engulfed in the scandal. He was reportedly at the scene when Von was murdered after witnesses claim the two rising rappers' crews got into a fatal scuffle.

Since the altercation, Rondo has faced scrutiny for his alleged involvement, especially considering the suspected shooter, Timothy Leeks, is a close friend of the rapper. In a recent interview, Rondo lamented over his struggles to move forward with his career, claiming that he's finding it difficult to secure live performances due to the controversy.

"Nobody wanna book me 'cause they terrified," said Rondo. "That's the truth. Big bruh, man, so many people callin' like, man, big bruh. I wish the fans let that sh*t go, like, big bruh. The longer y'all talk about it...why is y'all hyping this sh*t up?" The host responded by asking him if it was true that the mayor canceled one of Quando's shows. Last November, following Von's death, Quando Rondo insisted that Georgia's mayor axed one of his appearances amid rumors that he canceled it on his own accord.

"Big bruh, I put this on my daughter's life," he answered. "The mayor canceled my show, big bruh. On my daughter life. Facts. No cap, big bruh. If I'm lying, my daughter die... I ain't canceling no show, big bruh." Check out the clip below.