Quando Rondo has had a pretty intense year. The Savannah, Georgia-based rapper has been trying to focus on his new music, releasing his latest mixtape Still Taking Risks a few weeks ago. Given his connection to King Von's fatal shooting though, the tragic events of November 6, 2020 continue to dominate the media's coverage surrounding him. 

Following his multi-part interview with Angela Yee where he told his side of the story, Quando Rondo continues his press tour with more comments about how the public has turned on him in recent months. In a recent interview, Quando spoke about the death threats he has been receiving from fans, stating that they don't get to him.


"Death threat all you want to, bro, f*ck that shit, that's just some words, my n***a," said the rapper. "Go do an action. I'm going home to my daughter and if I didn't, God called me. But I'm going home to my daughter."

This has been a particularly rough month for the 22-year-old music star. At the beginning of May, Quando performed a concert in front of only fifty people, getting teased about it by fans on social media. A few days after, it was reported that he was shot at in his home state

What do you think about all the hate that Quando Rondo has received this past year?