The murder of King Von was an unexpected tragedy that could have been prevented, but Quando Rondo has repeatedly questioned why people have blamed him for the Chicago rapper's death. Quando has found his name entangled in the scandal since he was at the scene of Von's shooting death and his friend was arrested in connection with the crime. This has forced Quando Rondo's personal life to supersede news about his music releases, and it was recently shared that his latest project Still Taking Risks was only expected to sell 9,000 copies its first week.

In an interview with Rah Ali for OnSite, Quando discussed publications and news outlets that have been reporting on his life more than his art.

"I feel like the internet, I feel like social media, I feel like interviewers, YouTubers whatever, however, whoever it is, I feel like they focus more on the artist life more than they music," said Rondo. "That's kinda crazy. That's like working at McDonald's and yo manager asking you about yo girlfriend or if you a girl, asking about your boyfriend every day. Why you not asking me about burgers?"

Rah laughed as she corrected his comparison and told him "it's a little different" but admitted that his example was "funny as hell." She added,  "Because on social media, a lot of times, you know, artists, they lead with that. People connect with you, yeah, on a music level, then they get interested in who you are 'cause they start to feel like what you speak about in your music, whether you're an R&B artist or rapper, they feel like that's who you are."

Quando understood her point but was unmoved. "Yeah, but listen. At the end of the day, you can't get it confused. You can't feel like, alright, I respect like, say if I'm on a corner and somebody be like, 'Let me take a picture with you.' I can't just be like, 'Nah.' Because at the same time, I'mma artist like you just said. They feel like they know me. 'Feel like' and 'do know' is two different things."

Check out the clip below and let us know what side of the coin you agree with.