There has been a lot of speculation surrounding one of Lil Durk's recent new music previews, in which he raps some menacing bars against his adversaries. Many of the Chicago rapper's fans believe he came after Quando Rondo, who had an altercation with King Von on the night he died. Durk says in the song that his rival better hope his Rolls-Royce is bulletproof because his side is going to "shoot at the stars." Coincidentally, Quando Rondo just wrapped up a multi-part interview with Angela Yee from the inside of a Rolls-Royce where he spoke about the events leading up to King Von's shooting.

Fans suggested that Durk may have been targeting the rapper with his rhymes, also coming after the late FBG Duck with some earlier bars. According to Durk though, he wasn't coming for anybody, in particular, telling the world that he never named anyone in the verse.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"I never said a lame name," wrote The Voice on Instagram. "Stop lien [sic] on me y'all [checkmark emoji]."

The song's producer cleverly used gunshot sounds to cover up the last part of one of Durk's rhymes, with many fans believing that the rapper was dissing FBG Duck. Of course, this message could also apply to the Quando Rondo speculation.

Listen to the song's preview below and check out Durk's response underneath. Do you think he was dissing FBG Duck and Quando Rondo?