The feud between Tekashi 6ix9ine and Lil Durk has been surprisingly one-sided but that's not stopping the Brooklyn-based troll from constantly antagonizing Smurk on social media. 6ix9ine has been particularly vocal following the shooting death of rapper King Von, who was close to Lil Durk, and he has been trying to hit one of the rapper's nerves with distasteful comments on Instagram

This weekend, after Durk spoke out with a message about "sliding for ya mans" and "kicking killer shit," 6ix9ine felt like it was the perfect opportunity to troll him in the comments, breathing down his neck once again.

"Ya don't slide for ya mans don't kick no killer shit our way n***as bitches fr... the evil side... talk up," wrote Durkio on Instagram, seemingly tempting his opps into running up. 

"Am I the only one who read this and said he’s talking about himself," wrote back 6ix9ine, joking about Durk talking a big game while not necessarily walking the walk... according to his own accord. In the comments, many people are agreeing with 6ix9ine. "Bro dissing himself," reads one of the top replies. "He ain’t slid for VON," responded somebody else.


Thus far, Lil Durk hasn't responded to 6ix9ine. In recent months, he has not given the controversial rapper the time of day so it's likely that he'll ignore this message.

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