Earlier this month, media outlets began reporting that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were quietly heading to splitsville. Talks of supposed turmoil in their relationship began back at the end of last year when the couple was rumored to have not spent the holidays together. According to new reports, although the 40-year-old mogul has yet to file for divorce from Kanye West, sources claim that she already has an exit strategy in place for when she does. 

Kim Kardashian Has An 'Exit Plan' Ready For Kanye West Divorce: Report
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A source told Us Weekly that the reality TV star has been working closely with financial advisors to create, “an exit plan that would be best for her whole family.” The rumored plan includes the finalization of a settlement between the pair, in which Kardashian and West would agree to split their shared assets evenly

“Kim has had all of her and Kanye’s financials and properties ready to be split, it’s a very fair deal for everyone,” the source told Us Weekly. “Kim has all of her assets and financials ready for when she decides to file officially. Friends thought she was going to file in September, but she’s holding out. That does not mean that everything behind the scenes is already done.”

Insiders add that while the pair have not seen each other very often face-to-face over the past month, they still “communicate regularly.”

Kim Kardashian Has An 'Exit Plan' Ready For Kanye West Divorce: Report
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The couple’s impending divorce will allegedly be featured on the upcoming final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.