Quando Rondo Doesn’t Get Why People Are Mad At Him Over King Von’s Death

Quando Rondo releases the third part of his interview with Angela Yee, where he says he never had any problems with King Von or his crew.

BYAlex Zidel
Quando Rondo Doesn’t Get Why People Are Mad At Him Over King Von’s Death

If you need more "ma'am" and "ya feel me?" soundbites from Quando Rondo, you're in luck because the 22-year-old rapper has just released the third part of his interview with The Breakfast Club's Angela Yee.

Over the last two days, Quando Rondo has given his side of the story regarding the events of November 6, 2020. On that night, Quando was involved in a physical altercation with the late King Von in an Atlanta nightclub's parking lot. Quando explained that he was hanging out outside his car when Von's entourage walked nearby. Von allegedly threw an unprovoked punch at Quando, which prompted both sides to start shooting. Von's life was taken from him that night.


The third portion of Quando's discussion with Angela Yee is officially out, where he discusses his relationship with Youngboy Never Broke Again. "People don’t like us because they know we don’t f*ck with nobody," he said about how the Never Broke Again crew is perceived by others in the rap game. "If I feel like I need to do a song with a n***a, I’ma do it with [Youngboy]. A lot of trouble come our way because we’re not open arms." Quando says that Youngboy isn't motivated to work with other artists, pointing out that he only likes making music with NoCap and others on his label.

Near the end of the video, Quando continues speaking about the altercation with King Von, stating that he had no issues with the rapper and doesn't understand why he was jumped. "I know dude just dropped a tape [the week earlier]. I was wondering, was they trying to do something to me to f*ck my image up? Or like boost him up? Or like what?" asked Quando. "I don't have a clue at all. I never dealt with no female that he dealt with. I never said a curse word to this man. Our last conversation been some cool sh*t, chillin', laughin', tellin' jokes. I never had a problem with them. That's why I don't understand how can everybody be mad at me? How can everybody be mad at my brother [Lul Tim]?"


Quando concludes by saying that if something similar ever happened to Youngboy Never Broke Again, he would have done the exact same thing that Lul Tim did. "People not focusing on the real," he said. "They don't care about the real. People just don't like me, or us, that much to the point where they know the truth."

Watch the third part of Quando Rondo's interview below.

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