Megan Thee Stallion and Kelsey Nicole have reportedly unfollowed each other.

The two best friends have been close for years, often popping up on social media together pre-shooting. However, with the events that happened on July 12, and the subsequent rumors that have mentioned Kelsey’s name, there appears to be a rift between the two.

The Shade Room reported that neither of the two is following the other on social media anymore, which could have something to do about all of the rumors regarding Kelsey’s potential involvement on that night.

Megan has adamantly claimed that Tory Lanez is the person who shot her, but when somebody suggested that Kelsey could have done it following Tory’s denial and album release, the disgraced Toronto artist said that that wasn’t true. Why was Tory defending Kelsey though? After disrespecting Megan by releasing an entire album capitalizing on her trauma, it didn’t make sense to people why he would be standing up for her best friend.

While people are making up theories about what happened, those same people are getting louder now that Megan and Kelsey are no longer following each other. Some are saying that the plot is “thickening” as they await the next development in this ongoing story.

Hopefully, they’re able to talk it out and get back on good terms.