Lil Durk Says He Humbled 6ix9ine Following Blueface's Comments

Lil Durk says that he "humbled" Tekashi 6ix9ine after the rapper's album sales went down the drain this week.

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One of hip-hop's primary storylines this week has revolved around the ever-changing result of Tekashi 6ix9ine's first-week sales for his new album TattleTales. Initially, it was penciled in to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200, anticipating approximately 150,000 units sold. However, because of the new bundling rules that Billboard has put in place, over 100,000 units were lost for the controversial rapper, bringing him down to around 45,000.

Considering he has been trolling rivals who clock in numbers right around that range, 69 was quiet until last night, when he went live with a multitude of long-form interviews

The latest projections have his album selling around 65,000 copies, a significant jump from the previous day but still, people are clowning him for talking that talk despite not being able to walk the walk.

"Boy did they humble this man," wrote Blueface on a DJ Akademiks post where he spoke about Lil Durk's first-week sales for his last album, laughing at the fact that he was only able to land in the 45,000 range. 

Of course, Durkio happened to jump in to confirm that, yes, he did humble the rapper with a quick note: "I did."

Lil Durk Says He Humbled 6ix9ine Following Blueface's Comments

Even though he's still got animosity toward the colorful-haired artist, Durk maintains that he did not accept 6ix9ine's $3 million offer to continue beefing with him.

Many of us will be waiting to see what numbers 69 actually pulls when the week is complete. Information should be available within the next few days.

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