The idea of making sequels to hit films from the past with many years in between can be a very slippery slope. You either end up with something great along the lines of Toy Story 3 or a film that should’ve never been made like, well, anything in the Terminator series past T2: Judgment Day. That’s why we can only hope that DC Young Fly knows what he’s doing after he recently revealed to The Breakfast Club crew that he’s already wrote a script for a sequel to Nick Cannon’s 2002 cult classic Drumline.

Would You Watch Another "Drumline" Sequel Starring DC Young Fly?
Jason Davis/Getty Images for IEBA 

While a direct sequel to the college band-themed film has already been done — Nick co-starred and executive produced the direct-to-TV film Drumline: A New Beat for VH1 back in 2014 — DC has big hopes of revitalizing the series based off his own experience in a real-life band growing up. “People don’t know how musically-inclined that I am,” the comedian told The Breakfast Club while visiting to promote his new R&B single, following up by stating, “I was in the band; I was in the percussions” before listing his full band director knowledge. It was here where the conversation turned towards the possibility of another Drumline sequel, which he said has been discussed and that Nick actually gave him the approval already to write a script. Time will only tell if it officially comes to the big or small screen, but we honestly could see this working. If the Drumline Live tour could find success (seen above), why not this project?

Watch DC Young Fly’s full interview with The Breakfast Club below, where he also discusses his turn from comedian to singer and 50 Cent amongst other things, and let us know if you’d be here for a Drumline sequel with the Wild ‘N Out star at the forefront down in the comments: