50 Cent may not be a big drinker, but he’s not going to let that create bad optics for his liquor businesses. If you follow Fif on Instagram, you’re definitely familiar with his multiple liquor brands, including Branson Cognac and Le Chemin Du Roi champagne. Fif is so dedicated to promoting these beverages, he adds a hashtag for each brand on every single one of his Instagram posts. Although the rap mogul may be passionate about selling alcohol, he’s not so fond of drinking it. In his new book, Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter, Fif explains how he prefers not to drink in order to keep a clear, but still manages to use his star power to promote his brand of bubbly in the club. His solution: ginger ale.

50 Cent Explains How He Stays Sober While Promoting His Champagne Brand
Brad Barket/Getty Images for STARZ

“First I’ll pour drinks from a bottle of Champagne for everyone who is in VIP with me,” he explains in the book. “When the bottle is empty, I’ll give it to one of my guys and have him quietly refill it with ginger ale. For the rest of the night I’ll have that bottle in my hand. I’ll take swigs every now and then just to keep the vibe right, but I’m not drinking anything but Canada Dry.”

50 Cent Explains How He Stays Sober While Promoting His Champagne Brand
Presley Ann/Getty Images for STARZ

His sobriety-by-choice also includes weed, which presented a dilemma when Snoop Dogg offered him a joint during his Tycoon Pool Party last summer. “Everyone around us started cheering for me to hit it,” he recalled. “Not wanting to kill the mood, I took a big hit…and then just let the smoke swirl around in my mouth before I blew it back out. That’s as far as it went. Bill Clinton has probably inhaled more weed smoke than me.” For more strategies on how to stay sober while keeping up appearances, grab a copy of Hustler Harder, Hustle Smarter, available April 28th.