News broke earlier this month that Jeff Epstein killed himself in prison. His death hasn’t gone without question, especially among the conspiracy theorists who believe that he was actually murdered. Danny Brown, an admitted enthusiast for a good conspiracy theory, doesn’t actually think that Epstein killed himself or was murdered.

Danny Brown returned to Hot 97 for a deep conversation with Ebro in the Morning about his new show, Danny’s House and his forthcoming album. At one point, the conversation took a turn when Ebro and Peter Rosenberg brought up Epstein’s death which DB thinks might be a hoax.

“You can’t kill yourself in the county jail,” he said. “They take everything from you, you know what I’m sayin’? Like, cuz ain’t dead. That’s all I’m saying… He on an island right now, kicked up with mothafuckin’ toes out.”

Danny then added that Epstein could very well be at his private island with the police. “He over there kickin’ it with ’em. They smokin’ cigars, drinkin’ coffee,” he added before making it clear that he’s not buying that Epstein was murdered inside of the county jail.

Danny Brown also spoke about his forthcoming project, U Know What I’m Sayin’? which is hopefully set to drop this year. The project is set to be executive produced by Q-Tip who Danny Brown said “directed” the project. 

“This is his album. I can’t take no credit. I’m just an actor in his movie,” he said. “Which was so much less stressful for me, working on albums and stuff. A lot of sleepless nights working on songs and stuff. Now, I ain’t have to worry about it. I had just had to show up and rap which made it back fun for me again.”