At the tail end of 2017, Danny Brown caught hip-hop's ear when he revealed his new album was being handled by a "legendary producer." At the time, the auteur claimed the album was going to be a "big deal" upon release. The notion was echoed by Danny's friend and collaborator El-P, who had the chance to hear a near-finished variant of the forthcoming project. "Welp @xdannyxbrownx just played me his new album and even unmixed it’s an instant classic, imho," he wrote. "True story." 

Now, Danny Brown has come forth to shed some light on the enigmatic album, albeit through a proxy. Producer Thelonious Martin took to Twitter to announce Q-Tip's involvement in his upcoming Know What I'm Sayin? album, mistakenly describing Tip as the Producer. Danny himself came through to offer clarification, explaining that Tip was, in fact, the executive producer. Either way, it's big news, and Tip more than lives up to Danny's previously employed "legendary" moniker. 

For added context Danny Brown himself shared a glimpse of an upcoming cover story, in which he revealed his newfound direction: "Danny Brown, serious craftsman and elder statesman of rap." Who says you can't wake up to good news on a Tuesday? Welcome back Danny.