Unconventional though he may be, Danny Brown sits among the closest we've got to a hip-hop auteur. Selective in his instrumentation, the unapologetic visionary has continuously forged onward while crafting albums on his own terms. Sadly, it's been a minute since we've heard a full-length drop from Danny, with Atrocity Exhibition a little over two years behind us. Of course, the Detroit rapper has been hard at work on his upcoming project, which may or may feature the exclusive production stylings of a "legendary" producer. 

At the time, many wondered whether Run The Jewels producer El-P was Danny's newfangled creative partner. Recently, however, El took to Twitter to tease the upcoming Danny Brown album, reacting like a fan hearing something for the first time. "Welp @xdannyxbrownx just played me his new album and even unmixed it’s an instant classic, imho," writes El Producto. "True story." 

Hype-inducing to be sure, and low key informative. We now know that Danny's untitled project is awaiting the mixing stages, and given that El has managed to score an exclusive listening session, it's entirely possible he's involved in the album to a degree. Perhaps he's even taking a behind-the-boards role. Are you ready for an "instant classic?"