Last year, Danny Brown's Atrocity Exhibition solidified him as one of hip-hop's strangest and most daring auteurs. And while the feverish vibe of Danny's latest proved a little challenging for some listeners, it proved that he was capable of evolving with every release, not unlike one of his main musical influences, Radiohead. Now, Danny Brown recently sat down with Complex for a conversation about his upcoming "Live At The Majestic," which chronicles his first Detroit show in years. The film, directed by Emmy winner Andrew Cohn, is said to feature the performance, as well as footage from Danny's day-to-day life. Die hard fans are in for a treat, as the film will also feature some clips from Danny's XXX recording sessions.

You can check out the trailer for the film below, and while that's certainly interesting, perhaps the most intriguing comment came when Danny spoke about his new album. He wasn't able to say much, but he did reveal that "it's being produced by one producer, who’s legendary in hip-hop. And it's gonna be a big deal." 

Well, damn. Consider the hype officially kicked off. It's hard to say who Danny might be referring to, but the use of "legendary" does seem more applicable to a veteran producer. So, do ya'll have any predictions as to who Danny Brown might be working with? Stylistically, it might be a stretch for him to link up with say, DJ Premier, but with a rapper as versatile as Danny, you never know. And while clearly Primo is an outside bet, there are a few names that come to mind who might blend well with Danny's experimental nature, like El-P, Madlib, or Flying Lotus. However, there's almost no point in guesswork, as Brown has shown no indication that his album is dropping anytime soon. 

Still, it's fun to speculate, isn't it?