If there’s one thing we know about Rihanna, it’s that she’s very skilled at keeping things under wraps. The pop star has been expanding her business profile in the last half-decade, establishing herself as a makeup mogul, a talented fashion design, an inclusive lingerie brand owner, and much more. She’s been personally and professionally levelling up, enjoying time with her billionaire boyfriend and brushing off pregnancy rumors every month. She’s well aware of all the talk surrounding her future baby plans, with so many of the internet’s finest people gossiping that she may already be expecting a child. During her latest video interview with Anna Wintour and Vogue, RiRi decided to keep the pregnancy rumors coming, cryptically offering a response as to when and if she’s having a kid.


Shocked by the question about her plans to have a baby, the Bajan beauty noted that she’s not entirely sure at the moment. “I don’t think about stuff like that but, I don’t know, God’s plan,” she told Wintour. “But I look forward to all of the pregnancy rumors after this interview.”

Despite the short length of the segment in question, people have absolutely started theorizing about whether or not Rih has a bun in the oven. Fans have pointed out that her facial structure has changed, pointing to that as a possible sign. Others are noting that the sheer mysterious nature of her reply gives everything away.

Do you think Rihanna is pregnant?