The Nicki Minaj versus Joe Budden conversation continues. On Monday, the rappers and podcast hosts went toe-to-toe on Nicki’s Queen Radio. The encounter was squirm-worthy for listeners who tuned in to hear Nicki grill Budden about his critical remarks regarding the “Megatron” rapper. He was suspicious of Nicki and Megan Thee Stallion’s claims that their Instagram Live session that turned into a “Hot Girl Summer” collaboration was unplanned. Budden cited that the music video was shot just a week later, something that further proved they manipulated the public into believing the collaboration was spontaneous.

The pair went back and forth over Joe’s accusations that Nicki used drugs, and after calling out Charlamagne Tha God for his Safaree Samuels gossip, Nicki flatly stated that she would no longer be addressing men because of their misogyny. Later, however, Nicki hopped on Instagram Live and showed followers that she was getting herself set up for an appearance on Budden’s podcast to even out the score.

Nicki didn’t stay on Live for the entire episode, but a few clips did surface online. In one, Nicki noted that she cussed Budden out, however, it wasn’t something that the public heard. In another, Nicki made it clear that she worked hard for every bit of success that she’s acquired, even when there were men who took aim at her in hopes of seeing her fail.

“Sweetheart, before I get off this Insta, let me say this, it’ll never f*ckin’ happen,” Nicki said of being taken down. “You can go over…everything y’all want to, every witch doctor in the motherf*ckin’ world. It’ll never f*ckin’ happen. Praise be to God. I am who I am because I am who I am. You see, I don’t have to go in a room with a bunch of men to create my sound, my image, my anything. I am who I am. Take it or f*ckin’ leave it, but I put in the motherf*ckin’ work. I put in the work. Goodnight.”