After opening today's episode of Queen Radio with forty minutes of cuts from mixtape-era Nicki - possibly to stall until the Queen arrived at the Apple Music offices - Nicki Minaj shared that she would not be joined by Megan Thee Stallion, as announced on Saturday in a since-erased Instagram caption. "Megan will not be here and that's that on that" was all the explanation given for this absence. However, Nicki compensated by bringing out Joe Budden, who she introduced as "the most annoying man on the planet". 

Nicki wasted no time mincing words. She chose Budden as a guest so she could question him about times her name was in his mouth on Everyday Struggle and The Joe Budden Podcast. Budden came with his fellow podcast hosts, Rory & Mal, but they were more witnesses to the grilling than participants. 

Nicki first asked Budden & Co. why they suggested on their podcast that her Instagram live session with Megan Thee Stallion was pre-planned. While the session seemed like a spontaneous interaction that led to the idea to collaborate, Budden claimed he was convinced that it was a calculated marketing move to build hype for "Hot Girl Summer"'s eventual release. After pointing out the inherent sexism in his assumption that everything she does is calculated, Nicki demanded evidence for his claim. Budden said it was suspicious how quick the one-week turnover was for the song's video shoot.

The interrogation than pivoted to Migos' 2017 hit "MotorSport", featuring Nicki and Cardi B. Many stories circulated regarding how these feuding women ended up featured on the same track, but Nicki stated at the time that she was unaware that Cardi would be on there. Nonetheless, Budden hypothesized on Everyday Struggle that Nicki did in fact know. When Nicki called him out for this on Queen Radio, he denied that ever happening. After a short song break, Nicki pulled up an incriminating sound bite of Budden saying exactly that and proceeded to ask him repeatedly, "Do you have a twin or stunt double?". 

To finish him off, Nicki cited a time Budden accused her of being on drugs and asked for a justification. When Budden responded, "Don't tell me you've never popped a pill", Nicki snapped at him, calling him a "dumb bitch" for avoiding the root of the issue. 

After also calling out Charlamagne tha God for allowing her ex-boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, to stay relevant by dishing gossip on her on The Breakfast Club, Nicki declared that she's done addressing men. If any more need to be, she says she will defer that work to her husband. 

All the drama aside, Nicki did share that her new album will be coming "very, very, very soon" and it has a "dope" executive producer.