Future’s The WIZRD album was one of the first high-profile drops of the new year, introducing a new era for the Atlanta artist. For years, Fewtch has been innovating within the trap subgenre, establishing himself as one of the strongest rappers in the game. While it may appear as though Future is simply flexing in all of his songs, a deep dive into his lyrics reveals vulnerability and struggle, telling the story of a man who truly went from the trenches to the throne. On Gunna’s Drip Or Drown 2 album cover, the artist is completely submerged under water and it seems as though that has become a trend because now, Future has filmed an entire music video underwater.


“Goin Dummi” starts out with Pluto floating atop a mattress in the sea. Of course, two women lay on his sides. The viewer is introduced to synchronized swimmers and mermaids before Future, himself, starts dancing beneath the surface. He sits in a seashell throne, surrounded by bikini-clad women and keeping his sunglasses on the entire time. That’s dedication to the cause.

The WIZRD is still sitting comfortably on the list of best hip-hop albums of the year for many listeners. Although we’ve only received a sample size of what’s to come, Future continues to hit his stride by regularly dropping new content.