Daz Dillinger was in the news earlier this year for making threats against Kanye West, “banning” him from California and putting out a National alert for all his fellow Crips to attack him in the streets. All this happened after one of Ye’s lyrics in “Ye Vs. The People” ticked the Dogg Pound member off, causing Daz to go on an anti-Kanye run for months. The West Coast artist is still not finished with Yeezy as he decided to take more shots at him and his wife, mostly attacking Kim for her alleged promiscuity. 

DJ Akademiks posted a video of the Snoop Dogg affiliate speaking on Kanye after his rant against Drake, Nick Cannon, and Tyson Beckford. This time, the brunt of his anger happened to be Kim Kardashian and considering she’s the main reason for Yeezy’s recent outbursts, it makes sense. Daz began, “Kanye West: fuck you and your b-tch. That b-tch sucked so much d-ck. She probably ain’t sucking your d-ck because you be on one.” He proceeds to tease his upcoming record, “FuckKanyeUp,” which he announced back in May. Daz continues by encouraging Nick Cannon to beat up Kanye and praising Lil Duval for starting the “Kanye West Challenge.” 

Daz Dilly claims that Kim has messed around with the entire industry, shooting his shot at Kris Jenner because, in his eyes, since her children have turned out the way they are, she must have taught them her skills. The producer and rapper has been attacking Kanye for months. Watch the full video below.


Daz Dillinger & Kanye West

Daz Dillinger To Kanye West: "Your Wife S*cked The Whole Industry"