Over the past weekend, Meek Mill recently celebrated his 34th birthday in Miami. After previous reports that revealed that Meek Mill ensured that Club LIV enforced a strict no-6ix9ine mandate, new rumors have spread that Tekashi 6ix9ine isn't the only artist that Meek currently has beef with.

During a recent live stream on Twitch, DJ Akademiks revealed that an unnamed artist and record executive recently got into a spat at a big party, and fans have already deduced that he may be talking about Meek Mill and his mentor and Rick Ross.

"There is an artist that's signed to another artist," Akademiks says. "The artist that's signed to another artist, they were having a party. The artist they're signed to allegedly tried to enter the party and go about certain places, and I heard that there was a big issue. One of your favorite artists who's claiming that they're 'lit,' they're a 'boss,' they do 'whatever' — they're signed to another n*gga."

"And allegedly, they're beefing with the other n*gga cuz they're tryna get off the label," Akademiks continues. "I hear they want off the label. This been a ongoing conversation. The n*gga who they're signed to showed up to their party, [and] they were not happy. When that person showed up, there was issues."

In a rather peculiar fashion, Akademiks holds his tongue on who exactly he is referring to, but followers of the polarizing media personality have stated that Akademiks only refuses to name an artist when it involves Meek Mill.

According to Bossip, tweets soon surfaced and confirmed fans’ suspicions that it was indeed Meek and Rick Ross that allegedly had the altercation in Miami at Club LIV. While no violence appears to have occurred, many believe that Meek Mill didn’t allow entry to his label boss because of his frustration with his current MMG contract.

Stay tuned to see whether the alleged tension between Meek Mill and Rick Ross is just a rumor of the start of major drama for MMG.