After keeping his son's face shielded from the world on social media, Meek Mill has finally posted the first picture of his baby boy ahead of his first birthday. Celebrating his first turn around the sun on Thursday, Meek's son got a proper reveal on Instagram with the rapper sharing a picture of his face and telling his fans his name.

"Happy bday czar," he said as his caption, revealing the given name of his baby boy with fashion designer Milan Harris. "Love you tomar your first big day!!!! can’t wait to see you love you!!!"

Amazingly enough, Meek and his son share the same birthday! In the photo, Czar wears a Burberry bucket hat, an open white shirt, ripped denim, and two iced-out chains around his neck. Meek had previously protected his son's identity by placing emojis over his face or keeping him off social media altogether. In the comments, people are wishing Czar a happy early birthday, telling his rapper dad how cute he looks in the picture.

Meek will surely be spoiling his baby boy with lots of gifts tomorrow. Whatever he gets his son, he has a chance to make that money back pretty quickly. Last night, Meek revealed that he bought $50,000 worth of Dogecoin. The cryptocurrency continues to grow, reaching an all-time high on Tuesday. His investment could end up doubling in the coming months.

Happy early birthday, Czar and Meek!