Rap shows are known to be high in energy – from props, special effects to unannounced guests, you never know what to expect during a live hip-hop performance. Accidents happen to all of us, and sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the moment, especially when you’re in the center of it, or perhaps more accurately, you are the center of it. Stage diving is a rite of passage for live performers, and while it comes with risks to both the artist and the crowd, the occupational hazards do not stop the show from going on. 

The turn up is real and in the increasingly dangerous stunts that have been executed by live-performers, artists falling off stage is nothing new and we’re sure that more will fall off the stage in the future (as funny/sad/mean as that sounds). In case you missed it, Post Malone took a body slam to the floor while in Syracuse, NY yesterday. Off the high from his new single “Rockstar” featuring 21 Savage, Post pulled a classic rockstar move: the stage dive. However, in the heat of the moment, it didn’t go exactly as planned. 

While these embarrassing moments tend to go viral on social media, most rappers play it off with a shrug, a laugh, and a post. Even though I still see reaction GIFs from Travis Scott’s fall while on tour with Drake in London on my TL, Travis recalled the mishap as “by far one of the most turnt and epic shit ever.” Unfortunately, there’s also those who have not been so lucky – leaving the stage bloodied or worse, hospitalized. Like Slim Jxmmi, who jumped from a speaker during his performance at the Governors Ball in New York City and missed his mark – landing on a large piece of glass, instead. Being carried back onto stage, Slim Jxmmi managed to finish his performance. Later, he posted a graphic picture in an ambulance of his leg split open by the glass. 

While the history of falls is a long one, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best falls in recent history, thanks to the Internet. And if this list proves anything its that rappers are just regular people too. So if you have a case of the Monday’s here’s one strictly for the LOLs. 

Post Malone

10 Rappers Who Fell Off Stage

Post Malone took quite the fall yesterday in Syracuse, NY. Feeling the heat from his new single “Rockstar,” Post jumped off stage into an unprepared crowd. While no one was hurt, Post soldiered on and continued his performance. What do you think of his response to the fall? 

Tory Lanez

10 Rappers Who Fell Off Stage

Similar to Post’s move, Tory Lanez’s jump off a balcony in Toronto is one for the books. While Lanez states the fall was intentional, the balcony breaking as he drops probably wasn’t. Moments before his “fall” the rapper was addressing his issues with Drake. Sitting on the balcony, addressing the crowd, Lanez says “One thing, no matter what, it’s always calculated,” before attempting to jump.

Travis Scott

10 Rappers Who Fell Off Stage

While Post Malone and Tory Lanez jumps were intentional, these other rappers’ falls were not. Back in February, the internet went wild over footage of Travis Scott falling into a huge hole during a surprise performance in London during Drake’s Boy Meets World tour. The huge hole was meant to hold a globe – however, the major spill resulted in it breaking and Drake issuing refunds for the concert. Luckily Scott wasn’t injured in the fall.

Slim Jxmmi

10 Rappers Who Fell Off Stage

Slim Jxmmi wasn’t as lucky as Scott in his fall at during a set at Governors Ball in New York. During a high-energy performance, Slim Jxmmi fell off a speaker and cut open his leg. After his fall he was brought back on stage where he continued his performance. “When I first fell, I thought I was gonna die, so I climbed back up and got onstage, ’cause if I was gonna die, I was gonna be around my n—a,” the “No Type” rapper told TMZ at the time.

Iggy Azalea

10 Rappers Who Fell Off Stage

Caught on camera, Iggy Azalea fell off the stage while performing “Fancy,” at the MTV Video Music Awards benefit concert in Los Angeles. The rapper was dancing on stage before she fell out of frame, leaving her dancers with nothing but a back track.

Chief Keef

10 Rappers Who Fell Off Stage

While touring the US, Chief Keef stopped in Grand Rapids, Michigan in February to promote his mixtape Two Zero One Seven. While performing “Reefah,” it got a little too lit and Keef fell forward into the crowd.

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The Game

10 Rappers Who Fell Off Stage

West Coast veteran The Game toppled off stage at USC Springfest in 2007 while performing “Compton.” The rapper got back up and brushed off the fall. “You know how people always exaggerate? I’ma say I fell from like a two-story building. And got up.”

Busta Rhymes

10 Rappers Who Fell Off Stage

Busta Rhymes joined OT Genasis on stage in NYC just as he was about to perform “CoCo.” The song was at its height in popularity and in the hype of the party, Busta lost his balance and fell forward into the crowd. Emerging from the crowd, bloodied with a huge cut on his head, Busta returned to the stage and laughed off the incident.

A$AP Rocky

10 Rappers Who Fell Off Stage

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky went a little too hard while performing “Work,” in D.C. Luckily he was caught by security and he laughed off the incident a few seconds later.


10 Rappers Who Fell Off Stage

If you’ve ever been to a YG show you know they get wild. The Compton rapper got a little too turnt while performing “I’m A Thug,” in San Diego. A few months after this incident, YG fell off stage again during a show in Sacramento.