Post Malone has seen his stock rise considerably in the last week or so. His new single "Rockstar," which boasts a dope feature appearance from 21 Savage, has made a big impact in terms of its streaming numbers so far. In fact, it was projected to be a challenger to hip-hop's other golden goose of a single, Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow," for the top single spot on the Billboard charts. With a track called "Rockstar," it shouldn't be a surprise that Posty would attempt a move most commonly associated with members of rock royalty: the stage dive. However, according to the rapper's Twitter account, the concert stunt didn't exactly go as planned.

The Syracuse, NY native took to social media to give his followers a taste of what went down during a show on Sunday (September 24th). "Felt like Jack Black in School of Rock tonight when I staged dived and nobody caught my fat ass," he began. "Wish I had Lil Uzi body." There are some decent video angles of the stage dive in question that popped up on Twitter as a response, a few of which you can see below.

Whether it's because fans were too busy trying to capture the moment for posterity with their smartphones or maybe because they were straight-up petrified of a man of that size hurtling himself at the crowd of people with reckless abandon, the point remains that Posty was dropped to the floor and could've made the stunt out to be something of a swipe at his pride. However, being the consummate pro that he is, he soldiered on, never dropping the microphone and continuing his performance from his back, sprawled out on the venue's floor. It really is a sight to see.

Post Malone's attempt at a stage dive is just the latest in a long line of increasingly dangerous stunts that have been executed by rappers over the course of the year so far. Of course, Lil Uzi Vert is probably the best known purveyor of the stage dive, but the likes of Lil Pump, Lil Yachty, XXXTentacion and others have also staked their claim as emcees who make diving into the crowd an integral part of their performance. Let's hope Post's next try works out a bit better for him.