Azealia Banks Pops Off On Doja Cat During Instagram Live Rant

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Monse Maison Pre-Met Cocktail Celebration
Doja Cat at the Monse Maison Pre-Met Cocktail Celebration held at La Mercerie on May 5, 2024 in New York, New York. (Photo by Nina Westervelt/WWD via Getty Images)
Looks like Doja Cat and Azealia Banks might be another rap beef brewing this year, although this is certainly among the most random so far.

Rap beef is apparently still the prevailing narrative of 2024's hip-hop, as saddening and frustrating that reality can be for advocates of peace and love. Moreover, the latest example of tension in the game is among the most random, one-sided (so far), and seemingly unprompted yet, as it relates to two femcees who haven't really gotten into it before. Azealia Banks went on a pretty scathing rant against Doja Cat recently on Instagram Live, sending out threats and warning shots over her talent, style, and more. Of course, this isn't the first time that Banks has taken aim at Doja, but it might be the most overtly combative example so far.

"Doja, I know you hear me calling you, Miss Honey," Azealia Banks' Instagram Live rant against Doja Cat began. "I'm really about to f***ing, like, rip your top off. 'Cause you, you be hiding behind that little white girl s**t. Like, that little white girl s**t. But honey, I got the biggest white d**k in America. Like, get ready. Get f***ing ready. You might want to put that wig back on 'cause when I snatch you from the peas, honey, when I get the peas in the kitchen, it's gon' be a wrap. 'Cause you can't rap. Can't rap! I don't know why Dr. Luke told you you could f***ing rap."

Azealia Banks Disses Doja Cat: Listen

Meanwhile, these are some other comments Azealia Banks had made about Doja Cat as of late. "Doja makes music for ten year olds and is very derivative," she remarked in September of 2022. "Cute girl, but her attempts at witty east coast Roman reloaded flows are pitiful and not in the least amusing. And yes she looked terrible before she lost weight. Cut azealia & doja are miles more culturally important than any of these weak a** white socialites."

"Dojacat deserved a Grammy," Azealia Banks actually said in defense of Doja Cat (before turning it around) that month. "It's def the Dr. Luke politic. But tbh the nerve of doja to try and check me via text about body shaming cupcakKe (who threatened to shoot sukihana's three children in the head and also called me a skinny crackhead before I even knew what a cupcakKe was) when doja works for an entire rapist. Maybe that's the karma she gets for trying to get smart with her mother (me) and not staying in a child's place. Hmmmph."

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