Kai Cenat Gets Heated After Being Called Out By Joe Budden, Adin Ross Backs Up His Fellow Streamer

Cenat called Budden a one-hit wonder while Ross called the podcaster "mean".

BYBen Mock
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Fame Fridays With Appearance By Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat had some choice words after Joe Budden used him as an example of "young streaming n-ggas" while discussing the Grammys. "What we have here is a case of old n-gga syndrome. Stop talking about streaming n-ggas like we some lil’ n-ggas, bro. I could buy you, my n-gga. Do you understand that? I could pull up like 20 clips of you doubting every 2016 [XXL] Freshman, and look at them boys right now. You got one hit, Joe! ‘Pump it up!’ No offense to your career and shit like that, but come on, bro!” Cenat screamed on his stream.

Adin Ross, a close friend and ally of Cenat, also called out Budden on his own stream. “Joe Budden, every time I see you or a clip of you, it’s just on some hating shit. I’ma be honest, bro, I don’t know what you do. I can’t even name one Joe Budden song, respectfully. You’re one of these old asses who hates. Why can’t you be more like Rick Ross or Snoop Dogg, the OGs that are cool as fuck and show flowers to the young motherf-ckers? You have no room to talk, no room to speak. Me and Kai are 10 times richer than you will ever be, old man. We are more humble than you and we are nicer than you," Ross said.

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Why Are Joe Budden And Kai Cenat Beefing?

As mentioned, the root of the beef between Cenat and Budden stems from comments Budden made while discussing the Grammys. Budden took aim at Cenat after playing a clip of Cenat complaining that UTOPIA did not win Best Rap Album of the Year while also admitting that he did not know who Killer Mike was. Killer Mike grabbed the award over Travis Scott and a collab album from Drake & 21 Savage.

After playing the clip of Cenat, Budden went in on the modern wave of young professional livestreamers. “Y’all little streaming n-ggas don’t always run sh-t! Shut the f-ck up! We don’t care about none of that lil’ streamy moshpit, marked card, whatever you n-ggas is doing over there. U-f-cking-topia? U-nopia, n-gga. I’m just so happy that the little f-ckety f-cks finally have a look in the mirror moment and say, ‘Oh, it’s not about us!’ No, adults are out, n-gga! […] N-ggas got fly shit on, real execs, business people. Shut up for a change. I’m so sick of these n-ggas. We gotta rush behind Killer Mike. Killer Mike won, we gotta let these n-ggas know what the f-ck we really think," Budden ranted.

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