Killer Mike

Real Name
Michael Render
Alias Name
Killa Kill / Mike Bigga
Date of Birth
Apr. 20, 1975 - Age 49
Atlanta, Georgia

Artist Bio

Killer Mike is a self-described Pan-Africanist gangster rapper, civic leader and activist who hails from Atlanta, Georgia. For those unfamiliar, you may recall his contribution to OutKast's GRAMMY-award-winning single "The Whole World" (included on their greatest hits album Big Boi & Dre Present OutKast). Throughout his fourteen-year career, the Dungeon Family affiliate has released six studio albums and four mixtapes, having collaborated with the likes of Chamillionarie, Scarface, Pill, SL Jones, Young Jeezy, Bobby Moon, Joie 13, When Saints Go machine, Yelawolf, Raekwon, Consequence, Chuuwee, Big Boi, Little Dragon, T.I., Mac Boney, Jay Z, Twista, J-Sweet and more. Most recently, he teamed up with veteran NYC emcee/producer El-P to form the Run The Jewels duo, who released a critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album in late 2013. They're currently working on a sequel, which is slated to drop in 2014. Stay tuned for the further adventures of Killer Mike, folks.