We’ve seen many rappers launch their own types of marijuana paraphernalia over the past few years. Sponsorships and endorsements that have led to several artists receiving their own collection of marijuana accessories. Snoop Dogg is probably one of the best examples. He has his own strain of marijuana, was one of the first rappers to have a signature vaporizer & created his own line of blunts. Wiz Khalifa has also been a face for many companies within the marijuana industry as well. However, A$AP Rocky is the latest to be added to that list as he has partnered with Kandypens to launch his own collection of vaporizers. 

A$AP Rocky and Kandypens have recently released their collaborative vaporizer called the “Flacko Jodye Walnut Collection.” It’s a limited edition vape with only a hundred pens for sale. Each pen has been hand-made and the vaporizer itself has walnut wood grain veneer finish with gold trim and was designed by Rocky himself. The gold trim was meant to replicate the wood-paneling in Rolls Royce’s. The limited edition vaporizer comes in a 1930’s cigarette case inspired box and has a portable brown leather case with gold trim as well.

The vaporizer is only meant for concentrates and oils. It’s a pretty solid device for anybody who has been trying to lay-off smoking and pick up vaporizing. The “Flacko Jodye” Collection is among the higher-priced products on their website although, it isn’t terribly expensive. The vaporizer will be going for $148 on their website. 

Rocky himself has been more frequently seen smoking blunts and joints before vaporizing, however with the new collaboration with Kandypens, we’ll probably be seeing him out and about more frequently with the vape.

Kandypens adds Rocky to the list of rappers they’ve collaborated with thusfar. Aside from the Harlem-native, they’ve been working with several other rappers and entertainers since their inception in 2013 including Amber Rose, DJ Khaled, DJ Esco, XXXTENTACION, Kodak Black, Young M.A. and many others. 

While it’s another exciting release from A$AP Rocky, we’re hoping that he keeps to his word and drops his next studio album before the year ends. 

Check out the collection below via Kandypens Instagram: