Dwight Howard Speaks Out After Allegations Of Child Neglect And Sexual Assault

The former NBA pro finally addressed recent rumors.

BYBen Mock
Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - July 25, 2023

In recent weeks, a lot has been made of the personal life of former NBA player Dwight Howard. Royce Reed, the mother of Howard’s eldest child, released a number of shocking revelations about the former NBA player. “This man is evil. Y’all fall for it every time. Ask him why he’s telling a 12yo he’s gay bcuz he hadn’t “touched anything” or watching porn with them? Better yet, why it took 4.5 years to fire the nanny that molested 2 of his kids. I got time today. He took this little boy from this grandmother that raised him and kept her in court for 2yrs only to give him to his parents while he was overseas. GTFOHWTBS. So while y’all constantly out here pointing fingers at me, understand there’s a reason why!” Reed also claimed that Howard had asked her to be the “matriarch” of his “polyamory quest”, something she refused to do.

Furthermore, Howard is reportedly facing a lawsuit for alleged sexual battery. Model Stephen Harper claims that after flirting with Howard over text, he was assaulted by the former NBA star at Howard's home. According to Harper's lawsuit, Howard performed non-consensual oral sex on Harper and forced Harper to perform non-consensual oral sex on him also. Now, Howard has addressed all the recent allegations on a podcast appearance.

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Howard Says His Personal Life Should Remain Private

Appearing on Way Up with Angela Yee, Howard addressed the "rumors" about his parenting ability and sexuality. "People say like, I don't spend time with my kids or I'm a deadbeat dad or I would do anything to hurt my kids. All the other noise that people say, about everything - what my personal life is - that's my personal life. Or make public statements about something private of mine, like who's in my bed or anything like that." He also specifically addressed the "rumors" that he was homosexual. "Of course they are going to say things like that to keep this negative train going. 'We gotta find a way to assassinate this man's character.' My focus is not those people that's conspiring against me. My focus is on this podcast that I'm tryna get out."

At no point does Howard directly address the lawsuit or allegations of sexual assault, nor does Yee directly ask him about the lawsuit. However, the comments about people "conspiring" against him could be taken as shots against both Royce and Harper. Overall, Howard's interview with Angela Yee is a subtle denial of the myriad allegations being made against him, without saying anything that could be definitely used against him. In short, Howard essentially dodges the allegations with vague platitudes and affirmations.


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