Cam'ron And Mase Decide The Worst Part About The Dwight Howard Assault Allegations Is Howard's Sexuality

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It's a bold argument for sure.

Last month, Dwight Howard was sued for sexual assault and battery. Model Stephen Harper has claimed after a period of flirting with Howard, he traveled to Howard's home for a threesome. However, Harper states that despite retracting his consent to participate, Howard performed non-consensual oral sex on him and forced Harper to reciprocate in kind.

These claims, however, were just the most recent allegations against Howard. Royce Reed, the mother of Howard’s eldest child, recently released a number of shocking revelations about the former NBA player. “This man is evil. Y’all fall for it every time. Ask him why he’s telling a 12yo he’s gay bcuz he hadn’t “touched anything” or watching porn with them? Better yet, why it took 4.5 years to fire the nanny that molested 2 of his kids. I got time today. He took this little boy from this grandmother that raised him and kept her in court for 2yrs only to give him to his parents while he was overseas. Reed also claimed that Howard had asked her to be the “matriarch” of his “polyamory quest”. However, It Is What It Is decided to give a very bizarre take on the situation.

Cam'ron And Ma$e Discuss Howard Assault Allegations

On a recent episode of It Is What It Is, Cam'ron claimed that days before the assault allegations were made public, Howard's team reached. Their intention was apparently to secure an appearance for Howard. Cam'ron then proceeded to ask his co-host how he would react. In particular, given the revelations, how he would react if he was on a team and playing with Howard. "I don't want to say it because we're on the air. But I would probably want Howard to have his own space," Ma$e argued. So right off the bat, that's just segregation. And no, we shouldn't segregate same-sex attracted athletes just because of their sexual attraction. One of the most infuriating things about straight people is their narcissistic obsession that they are attractive to same-sex attracted individuals.

Cam'ron appears to agree with Ma$e, bringing up a video where Odell Beckham Jr. appears to appreciate his teammates' asses. But don't worry, Cam'ron later clarifies that he's not homophobic because he "got gay relatives". However, what's most telling is that during this entire clip, no one actually brings up the allegations Howard has been hit with. The entire conversation is done through the lens of Howard's sexuality, not the heinous acts he has been accused of committing.


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