Russ Roasts XXL For Forgetting He Performed At The Pyramids

Russ went off on the publication on Twitter.

BYCaroline Fisher
RUSS Concert in Sao Paulo

Russ recently took to social media, tearing into XXL for an article they had written about Travis Scott's upcoming show. The show is scheduled for the end of this month at the Pyramids of Giza, where Russ performed in 2022. The publication had previously stated that Travis would be the first to perform there, which Russ claims he had to correct them on. Yesterday, the artist replied to a follow-up article XXL shared on Twitter, which claimed that Russ "reminded" fans that he had performed there.

He corrected the publication again, claiming that he never had to remind his fans. Russ took things a step further, throwing shade at the publication itself. “Nah I didn’t remind fans, mine knew,” he wrote, “A rap media page (most likely run by a white kid who says the n word who swears he’s misunderstood and just needs to rage) said that he was the first to perform at the pyramids..I reminded that page Thanks for the skewed narrative and excellent journalism per usual tho XXL.” Clearly, he wasn't happy about the mix-up and didn't shy away from letting them know.

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Russ Goes In On XXL

XXL, were not the only ones who thought Travis Scott's performance at the pyramids would be the first. Various people on social media also claimed that he would be, and it's obvious that Russ felt disrespected. He shared a few Tweets alluding to the situation earlier this week. The artist replied to a now-deleted Tweet from another publication claiming Travis would be the first with a cap emoji. "Do your research," he told them. "Trendsetter…pyramids, $12 vinyl..we see it," Russ later Tweeted.

Unfortunate mix-up aside, last month Russ announced that he'll be releasing a new album titled SANTIAGO. The album is set to come out on August 18, 2023. He says the new album depicts his "journey to self love & self mastery while touching on the obstacles that have provided resistance along the way." Russ also told fans that he's "excited" and "nervous" for the release.

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