Russ Mentored By Dr. Dre In "Dream" Studio Session

Dr. Dre helped Russ out with some studio pointers.

BYJake Lyda
Russ Performs At Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

Russ has been setting the hip-hop world on fire recently, with his moody raps giving off premiere summer vibes. Now he's getting in the studio with one of his all-time favorite influences, the one and only Dr. Dre. On his Instagram feed, the "Losin Control" artist showed off a few pictures with him and Dre chopping it up in what Russ is calling a "dream" studio session. Apparently, the Compton-based music producer was coaching the young buck up with his latest tracks.

This was a brief pit stop on a week in the life of Russ. He also went to the famous Gold's Gym in California, attended Larry Jackson's wedding, and bore witness to a Timbaland/Swizz Beatz performance at the wedding reception. Plus, Dr. Dre wasn't the only legend in the studio that day. Jackson himself, Snoop Dogg, and Michael "Harry-O" Harris were in attendance, offering up their takes on the session and where to go with Russ's upcoming music.

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Russ's Dream Come True

Seeing as all of these rap icons were going to Jackson's wedding anyway, the stars literally aligned for Russ to get a once-in-a-lifetime studio session with titans in the hip-hop industry. He's getting one-offs with plenty of musical talent outside of the studio as well. He was featured on Black Thought and Danger Mouse's joint album, Cheat Codes, which also had Raekwon and Joey Bada$$. While those latter two are relatively new, the Roots musician and Danger Mouse have been in the game for a minute.

However, that's what Russ likes about this time in hip-hop history. He can soak up wisdom from the ones who have been in the game for a long time while also collaborating with true peers to create some unique sounds. With his new album, Santiago, dropping soon, it only makes sense to get as many talented ears as possible to listen to the upcoming release and offer guidance. For Russ, having Dre grace him with his presence was enough of a blessing.

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