Ice Spice Says Relationship With Nicki Minaj "Means So Much" To Her

According to Ice Spice, Nicki has advised her to "learn from her mistakes."

BYCaroline Fisher
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During a recent interview with The Guardian, Ice Spice opened up about her relationship with Nicki Minaj. The two have collaborated a couple of times in the past, with a remix of "Princess Diana" and their new contribution to the Barbie soundtrack, “Barbie World.” According to Ice Spice, Nicki has given her some valuable guidance, acting as a mentor to the 23-year-old. Nicki has been in the game for some time, and surely could offer the young artist some solid advice.

“She be telling me to learn from her mistakes – just watching her in general, if you pay close enough attention, you gonna see what you should do,” Ice Spice explains. “I love to talk to her about things that I can’t talk about publicly – it just means so much to be able to have somebody like her.” In another recent interview with Capital XTRA, she also called Nicki the "queen," complimenting her work ethic.

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Ice Spice Values Nicki's Advice

She went on to reveal that Nicki is "real particular about everything," claiming that the way Nicki commands a room is inspiring to her. "She's so hardworking," she says, "I knew that already, but meeting her in person just like, completely reminded me of that." Ice Spice continued, revealing that their video shoots together would take over ten hours. "Being around her showed me that you really gotta hold your ground," she explained, "You've really got to say 'no' when it's time to say 'no.'" "People really listen to her," she says, admiring her "Princess Diana" collaborator.

Both "Princess Diana (Remix)" and their new collab "Barbie World" have landed in the top ten in the Billboard Hot 100. Only a couple of weeks since their Barbie soundtrack contribution's debut, it's managed to hit over 16 million streams. It's clear that Nicki has been valuable to Ice Spice's career, as a co-sign from the "queen" of rap has continued to bring her opportunities.

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