Blac Youngsta has continued to live the high life as of late, in terms of where his music career is concerned. He’s been part of some very well-received shows this summer, not the least of which was being brought out on stage by Bryson Tiller during a recent tour stop in Mississippi that was in support of his latest album True To Self. The crowd was wild and Youngsta was so hyped about the performance that he thanked his fans for “f**king with that gangsta s**t.” He also enjoyed being a spectator for the solar eclipse that took place earlier this week, wearing his protective glasses all the while, unlike some other emcees.

However, when it comes to his jewelry game, it seems that Blac Youngsta has become disinterested with that part of his life. Known for snapping up new pieces of bling on a whim, the rapper took to social media yesterday (August 23rd) to express the fact that, well, he’s kind of done with that life. “Since I came into the game and s**t, I’ve been buying all this jewelry and s**t, but truthfully, I’m sick of this s**t,” admitted the rapper, who went on to say that he’s looking to make two more jewelry purchases before he taps out completely: one more necklace and one more watch. In his words, he doesn’t care if both of those items cost $500,000 each – actually, it appears like that’s his goal: to get his hands on the finest accessories possible and use them as a sort of big grand finale to his jewelry buying days as a rapper.

He asks jewelers and anyone else on social media to message him details about where he can find such pieces, which shouldn’t be that difficult to come by. After all, with other young artists upping their style game with intricately crafted pieces of bling, there are plenty of providers to choose from. Perhaps one of the more obvious names might be Eliantte, who’s fast becoming one of the go-to names in jewelry for hip-hop personalities like Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Big Sean and others.

Blac Youngsta

Blac Youngsta Could Spend $1M On Final Jewelry Purchases