Bryson Tiller

Real Name
Bryson Djuan Tiller
Alias Name
Pen Griffey
Date of Birth
Jan. 2, 1993 - Age 31
Louisville, Kentucky

Artist Bio

In the crowded hallways of Soundcloud’s cyberspace, it’s nearly impossible for an artist to stand out. In the case of R&B’s newest king Bryson Tiller, he managed to do exactly that. Gaining extreme levels of buzz for his debut single “Don’t,” the Louisville-slugger managed to hopscotch from an online hit to a Drake co-sign to a non-OVO record deal to a platinum debut LP (T R A P S O U L) over the course of one year. With a highly hyped second album on the way called She’s Got My Soul, Tiller seems to be laying the blueprint for how to make it big in the 21st century, and stay up.