Five years ago, Bryson Tiller gave the world his acclaimed project T R A P S O U L. The artist’s debut studio album has amassed critical acclaim far and wide, so it was only fitting that Tiller revisits him monumental effort by releasing a deluxe version of the record all these years later. The title of the album has quickly become its own genre as emerging artists have followed in Bryson Tiller’s footsteps, and he recently shared how he developed the term through his music.

“It got to a point for me blending rap in my music — I started calling it ‘Trapsoul’ — but was more for me backing down from the whole role as an R&B singer, because I tried a performance and it went terrible [laughs] and I said, ‘I don’t wanna be a singer. I want to be an R&B artist that raps and blends the two.’ That was my goal.”

T R A P S O U L Deluxe has four additional songs pinned to the end of the original 14-song tracklist and even includes a feature from The Weeknd. Take a walk down memory lane and stream T R A P S O U L by Bryson Tiller.



1. Intro (Difference
2. Let Em’ Know
3. Exchange
4. For However Long
5. Don’t
6. Open Interlude
7. Ten Nine Fourteen
8. The Sequence
9. Rambo
10. 502 Come Up
11. Sorry Not Sorry
12. Been That Way
13. Overtime
14. Right My Wrongs
15. Just Another Interlude
16. Self Righteous
17. Rambo (Last Blood) ft. The Weeknd
18. Outro (Thank You)