Five years ago, Bryson Tiller made his grand introduction with his infectious debut studio album T R A P S O U L. The album painted him as one of the leading voices in R&B, offering something different to the genre and promising to push it forward. 

Although the 27-year-old Kentucky native has been teasing his new music, releasing "Always Forever" this week and hinting at even more coming soon, Bryson Tiller is ready to revisit the past, delivering a massive announcement to fans of the shape-shifting album.

Hitting Twitter, Tiller announced that he would officially be releasing the deluxe edition of T R A P S O U L this week, explaining what we can expect from it.

"Before we get into my new album, I wanna celebrate with this special edition of my debut album, Trapsoul," wrote the singer on social media. "Featuring a few songs that didn’t quite make the cut. Y’all asked for these on All Platforms and they’ll finally be yours this Friday. thank you!"

The album has been reloaded with a few songs that people have been begging to listen to on streaming services, including the "Rambo: Last Blood" remix with The Weeknd, "Self Righteous", and "Just Another Interlude".

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

It will be arriving at the end of this week, just seven days prior to the official five-year anniversary of T R A P S O U L. Do you think that means he's got something bigger planned for October 2?