Maroon 5, who have pulled in yet another Hip Hop feature for one of their songs that was dropped in August, now release an official video for the mad catchy track.

“What Lovers Do” features SZA and the video treatment sees the two chasing each other in an adventure packed clip where they are running marathons, riding jet skis, climbing trees and playing in fields with dinosaurs – it sounds wild, I know.

SZA sings, “are we too grown for changin’?/ are we too grown to mess around?/ Ooh and I can’t wait forever baby/ both of us should know better.”

Maroon 5, who is fronted by Adam Levine, dropped previous singles like “Cold” featuring Future and “Don’t Wanna Know” with Kendrick Lamar.

Gucci Mane hopped on the remix for “Cold” that boasted lyrics such as “baby, why you turn so cold on me?/ all the things that you said took a toll on me/ told me you would take the charge but you told on me/ I thought that you rock with me but you rolled on me/ How my best friend turn into my enemy?”

Back to SZA because the gyal just hit a milestone with her album “Love Galore” hitting platinum.

As we reported earlier, she captioned a picture on Instagram with the official stamp of approval saying, “PAHA! I GOTTA LIL PLATINUM THINGY W MY FUGGIN NAME ON THA SIIIDE ! DIS SHIT CRAZY! … really don’t have jack to say but thank u so much to every single person who ran that shit back to scream at the nigga they didn’t have . Thank you all for listening to my thoughts at all . Infinite love to @iam_c_lang @thankgod4cody @travisscott 🙏🏾🌹#TDE ! (disclaimer this caption will change based on emotional need cus grfdjskg).”

We learned that TDE’s leading lady wants Cardi B to jump on a remix after she saw a video of the “Bodak Yellow” rapper gettin’ down to her tracks in a mall. “Iss time for an official remix dammit,” SZA said.

Watch the video and tell us what you think. 

Will you be listening to Maroon 5’s album, or just the songs that hold prominent features?