Coming off the success of her debut album CTRL earlier this year, which landed #3 on Billboard’s charts, TDE’s first lady, SZA, has her first ever platinum record. On Wednesday, SZA took to her Instagram page to announce that her single with Travis Scott, “Love Galore,” has surpassed the one million sold mark.

“PAHA! I GOTTA LIL PLATINUM THINGY W MY FUGGIN NAME ON THA SIIIDE ! DIS SHIT CRAZY! … really don’t have jack to say but thank u so much to every single person who ran that shit back to scream at the nigga they didn’t have . Thank you all for listening to my thoughts at all . Infinite love to @iam_c_lang @thankgod4cody @travisscott 🙏🏾🌹#TDE ! (disclaimer this caption will change based on emotional need cus grfdjskg ).”

This announcement comes just two weeks after finding out that “Love Galore” went Gold, and SZA asked fellow scorching hot female emcee, Cardi B, to hop on the remix of the record. No word yet if that’s going be happen, but SZA definitely asked Cardi about it. “Iss time for an official remix dammit,” SZA wrote on Twitter after discovering the clip of Cardi singing the record at the mall.

Check out the announcement (below) and show your support on iTunes if you haven’t done so already. While you’re at it, check out Kendrick Lamar’s surprise appearance at SZA’s show last night in Los Angeles as well right here if you missed it.

Congrats to the TDE songstress for the milestone. I’m sure its just the first of more to come.

In other related news, SZA recently told fans about a recent co-sign she received from Jay Z, who called her a “fluke” at first. “He was the first person to tell me that he thought I was a fluke, to my face,” she revealed. She admitted that the encounter was before she dropped her latest album. However, she revealed that he didn’t mean it offensively. “He was just like you’re really good, you’re pretty good, and I was like thanks, he said ‘I thought you were a fluke’ and I was like ‘me too!’” That’s a pretty dope look nonetheless.


SZA’s “Love Galore” With Travis Scott Goes Platinum