Lizzo Flexes Flute Skills In Upcoming Episode Of “The Simpsons”

Lizzo will appear on an episode of “The Simpsons” this weekend.

BYCaroline Fisher
Lizzo Flexes Flute Skills In Upcoming Episode Of “The Simpsons”

Detroit performer Lizzo has announced that her cameo appearance in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons is airing soon. The episode, titled "Homer’s Adventures Through the Windshield Glass,” is set to air May 21 on Fox. The artist shared a post on Instagram of her guest appearance on the show. The clip shows an animated Lizzo performing a version of The Simpsons' theme song alongside Lisa. She captioned the post, "Every Icon has been on @thesimpsons — now I can add my name to the list!" Adding, "Thank you to the whole team for making this a dream come true." Lizzo further captioned the post, "yes I’m wearing @yitty and playing @sashabefluting.”

The Simpsons writer Tim Long wrote a song created for Lizzo's appearance, titled "It Was Marge, Bitch," after the show's producers reached out to her. Long shared with Entertainment Weekly that, "the bitch in question is Homer.” He went on to say, “I can’t give you too much context without giving you too much story, but it is really in her wheelhouse." He complimented the performer, saying "she sang the hell out of it.”

Lizzo Loves The Simpsons

Being a long-time supporter of the TV series, Lizzo's Marge Simpson Halloween costume also went viral last Halloween. She also showcased another costume of her dressed as Chrisean Rock, sparking a response from Rock who said she "[didn't] know if it’s a joke or what’s up." Lizzo shared that she believes she is shadow-banned on TikTok last week, sharing a video saying, "I’m officially shadow banned, because how did I post this on Instagram and it already has 135 thousand views?" She went on to say, "[TikTok is] getting wack.”

Earlier this month, Lizzo had to postpone a few scheduled stops on her "Special" tour due to getting sick. The singer took to Instagram to tell fans that her "body is weak, and [she has] chills, and [her] head hurts." She later shared with fans that she ultimately tested negative for COVID-19, but tested positive for strep throat. Last month, the artist teamed up with popular TikToker Aliyah to promote her shapewear brand, Yitty. Known for her body-positivity, Lizzo's brand Yitty is incredibly size-inclusive, with sizes ranging from "6X to Xs."


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