Lizzo Postpones Another Tour Date Due To Illness

The singer has tested negative for COVID, but she is still recovering.

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Lizzo Postpones Another Tour Date Due To Illness

The strain of Lizzo's hectic schedule is beginning to show. The artist has been keeping busy with shows all over the continent. She also recently attended the Met Gala in New York. Lizzo is currently in the midst of the second leg of her "Special" tour, which began in Knoxville, Tennessee. She invited several local drag queens to perform with her on stage during the show's finale, which was a daring act of defiance against the state's ongoing legal ban on drag. Lizzo's actions are proof that the local drag scene is thriving despite the ban.

Lizzo shared the event with her followers on social media and thanked the drag queens for representing Tennessee with such pride. A rainbow of hearts was present in the background of the video, and her followers and fellow queens flooded the comments section with sincere messages of thanks. On her tour, Lizzo will visit Louisiana, Missouri, and Memphis. Currently, Missouri is attempting to pass legislation that would make adult cabaret performances on public property illegal. Meanwhile, Louisiana, a state with a conservative lean, may do the same in the future. Unfortunately, Lizzo's prideful prowess has taken a hit after she got sick following the Met Gala.

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Lizzo's Mature Health Response

Late last week, Lizzo posted a video to her Instagram to speak directly to fans. In the video, she explains that she is extremely sick. As such, her Montreal date had to be postponed. Sadly for Lizzo fans, the same happened to her Hartford, CT date just a few days later. The pop star once again took to social media to explain the situation. “Hello Hartford, it is me. As you know, I canceled my Montreal show ’cause I was experiencing extreme flu-like symptoms,” Lizzo said. “I tested for COVID and it’s negative. However, I did test positive for strep throat. Though I’m feeling stronger, my body, my throat is still extremely raw and swollen."

Although it is disappointing news, Lizzo points out that it is for the best. “In the past, I have pushed myself because I always want to bring you guys an incredible show. And I want to bring you guys the best of me,” she added. “And I’m realizing as I mature that this is not the best of me. I need to heal so that I can be the artist that you guys deserve and maintain my body. Still hurts to swallow, still hurts to speak, but it really hurts to cancel.” Stay tuned to HNHH for updates on Lizzo's concert schedule.

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