Lizzo Links Up With TikTok Star To Promote Yitty

The singer showed off her curves in a new promo for her brand.

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Lizzo Links Up With TikTok Star To Promote Yitty

Lizzo is well known for promoting body positivity and self-love. The Grammy-award-winning singer often speaks out about loving yourself, both through her music and in interviews. Many celebrities who speak on matters like body positivity seem to simply be engaging in lip service to gain attention. Lizzo, however, takes it very seriously. Last year, Lizzo announced a project that she says was five years in the making.

In March 2022, Lizzo started her own brand of shapewear, Yitty. In her announcement, the singer wanted to make it very clear that the brand was for everyone, regardless of size or shape. “This is a dream 5 years in the making…. Introducing @YittyOfficial: Shapewear you can wear Underwear, Overwear, Anywhere," she tweeted. "For Every Damn Body. 6X to Xs. Are you ready for the YITTY LIBERATION? Coming soon…” The brand's Instagram page already has upwards of half a million followers, showing just how effective Lizzo's focus on body positivity is when it comes to marketing. Now, the singer has teamed up with a TikTok star for some promotional pictures.

Lizzo and TikTok Star Aliyah Pose For Yitty

In a new Instagram post, the brand shared several pictures of Lizzo and Tiktoker Aliyah posing in pieces from the singer's brand. In the photos, Lizzo rocks a denim two-piece paired with white fishnets and red faux-fur-adorned Moon Boots. Aliyah, on the other hand, was decked out in a green bra top, unzipped Yitty jacket, and light-wash denim skirt. The two don't skimp on the accessories, either, with Lizzo making sure to show off her Yitty brand necklace. "Throw a [heart-on-fire-emoji] in the comments if you think this styling by @aliyasinterlude on C-E-Ho @lizzobeating is FIRE AF!" the caption read.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar regarding the brand launch, Lizzo spoke about what she hopes to achieve. "I was like, I wanna create a product that, even if you see it, it's not shameful. It's not embarrassing. It's actually sexy and liberating," the singer said. "I...think all bodies are beautiful, and thin girls are beautiful and deserve to be models, and so do big girls and girls all in between." What do you think of the new pictures? Have you purchased anything from Yitty? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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