Chrisean Rock

Real Name
Chrisean Malone
Alias Name
Seany, ChriseanRock
Date of Birth
Mar. 14, 2000 - Age 23
Baltimore, Maryland
Blueface Records
Seany, ChriseanRock

Artist Bio

Chrisean Rock is mostly recognized as a reality star as well as the girlfriend of rapper Blueface. As a couple, they document their relationship, for better or worse. The worst of it has continuously made headlines across the internet for the past few years. Still, their posts garner lots of attention, receiving hundreds of thousands of views and likes. Though Chrisean is most known for her big personality, she is also an up-and-coming musical artist signed to Blueface Records.

Early Life

Chrisean Rock, born Chrisean Malone, was born on March 14th, 2000, in Baltimore, Maryland. She comes from a very large family with 11 other siblings. Her childhood was not easy as her father was in and out of the prison system for much of her life. The two only met when she was seven years old. Her mother tried her best to provide for her children on her own but struggled with addiction, thus making Rock’s childhood a less-than-ideal situation. At the age of 9, Rock experienced homelessness that continued until she was 18. During that time, she would stay with friends and family members for days at a time before finding a new place to stay.

Difficult Times

It was the love and support from coaches, friends, and her school that kept her on the right path while she experienced homelessness. She began running track in school and eventually trained and participated in the Junior Olympics. “I was in the Junior Olympics, but I started training when I was 12, or 11, or something. My big brother put me in it, and then Junior Olympics until I was 17," she said.  Her older sister Tesehki Malone said in an interview about her younger sister's track skills, “Chrisean on the track is a beast.” She had the opportunity to attend a D1 school based on her athletic performance. Later on, she attended Santa Monica College in California as a student-athlete. During her time, she was one of the top track runners in her conference.

YouTube Channel

Though she was born with natural athleticism, Rock wanted more than to be a track star. In 2018, she launched her own YouTube channel and since then has amassed 275K subscribers and 30.7 million views on her channel. Upon graduating she participated in the FOX TV show, Ultimate Tag, a reality competition show that includes supreme athletics, acrobatics, and speed. Rock won the competition by completing the course in an astounding 50 seconds, which won her $10,000. “As a young, black, beautiful woman, I am a survivor," Chrisean told Fox 45 upon winning. "Since I didn’t have the childhood I should’ve had, then I can have the future that I deserve.”

Blue Girls Club

After winning Ultimate Tag, Chrisean Rock appeared on a different type of show. This time she was a contestant on rapper Blueface’s Onlyfans channel. The rapper launched a competition show of his own called Blue Girls Club, a take on the infamous show, Bad Girls Club. The show called for women to live in his mansion for a month and compete for his affection.

During her time on the show, Rock got into a multitude of fights. The most notorious was the one that caused her to lose her front tooth. During an altercation with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Jaidyn Alexis, Rock hit her mouth on a surface, thus causing her front tooth to fall out. Out of pride, she refused to get the tooth fixed for quite some time. That altercation is also the one that got Blueface’s attention the most and caused her to win the show.

Chrisean Rock's Relationship With Blueface

Many would argue that winning the reality show and developing a relationship with her boyfriend, Blueface is where the up-and-coming star made a wrong turn. Their relationship has been at best, tumultuous and at worst toxic beyond repair.

Aside from their continuous headline-making antics, observers of the two cannot help but notice how drastically her appearance has changed in a span of only a few years. Not only did she lose a tooth physically fighting for Blueface, but she has also altered her appearance by having a whopping seven tattoos placed on her, all in dedication to him.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface are currently expecting their first child together, which she revealed in early 2023.

Cr*zy In Love

During the time that the two have been together, there has been repeated video footage of arguments and fights between the two. At a certain point in late 2022, the drama escalated beyond the two of them and became a physical issue between Rock’s father and boyfriend Blueface.

During filming of the pair’s reality show, Crazy In Love an argument ensued between the men. There is footage that shows Rock’s father initially approaching Blueface and telling him, “Don’t do that. Don’t touch my daughter like that ever." In response, Blueface tells him, So you teach your daughter to put hands on me?“

The next footage shows a full-force punch thrown by Chrisean Rock’s father at Blueface as he retaliates and the surrounding crowd yelling to stop the fight. Rather than that be the end of their relationship, or siding with her family in the situation, Rock took to social media and put out a statement saying that the same dad used to beat her mom and that, “Somebody was been supposed to knock that n**** a long time ago.” To add insult to injury, Blueface followed up on his social media saying, "I’m her daddy now.”

Chrisean Rock's Music Career

Amidst the seemingly never-ending drama that appears to be her life, she has managed to put out music since getting signed to Blueface’s label. Her first single debuted in 2020, titled, "Lonely." She followed up with singles such as “Word To My Brother” and “Vibe." Last year, she released "Rainy Days." Her latest release is called, “Lit” and was released in early 2023. According to Spotify, she averages 32,033 monthly listeners on their platform.